Askentti Word-mark and Stationary

For this class project, I was tasked with designing logos and stationary packages for an imaginary company of my choosing. The company I chose focused on athletic and sports apparel, so I aimed to reflect that in the branding. Through my research I felt that the use of a sans serif font would provide a modern and sleek feeling to the overall brand.

Askentti Stationary materials
My Process

Initial sketches for the word-mark explored a variation of different typeface styles and some more abstract letters as well. After deciding on a few concepts, I further explored the designs and styles of the word-marks.

I ended up choosing the second version of the sketches and developed it in Adobe Illustrator, giving it a very sleek appearance which related well to the brand goals. I then chose colours that I felt represented the overall brand and their market, and in addition they provided some visual interest.

"Born in the Canadian Rockies, our goal is to provide the explores of the world with comfortable and durable clothing. Our brand focuses on precision designs and quality that will last through even the harshest of weather conditions, so anyone can become an explorer of the world." —Askentti