Beverage Label Illustrations

This project involved choosing a brewery and redesigning some of their labels. I chose a company from Turkey called Gara Guzu. I felt that they had a unique and fun feeling to their branding, and wanted to experiment with redesigning their labels of two of their drinks.

Two beer bottles with illustrated labels
My Process

Through my initial sketches of the labels, I found I went from very literal to a bit more abstract with the representation of the flavour’s names. With the flavour, Karlı Kayın Ormanı, which means snowy beech forest in Turkish, I wanted to keep the snowy element in some way but I didn’t want it to be just a snowy forest. I tried experimenting with adding some patterns and lines into the landscapes and then decided on making more simplified shapes to use in the landscape. For Mayhoş, meaning tart flavour, I felt a warmer more tropical style fit this and I was inspired by their own design of the bottle which included lots of tropical plants and bright colours.

After my initial sketches, I then took some of them and brought them into a digital format to experiment with different colours and to decide which concept I wanted to go with. Initially I had planned to use warmer tones, however after testing out some colours both digitally and with paint I decided to go with cooler tones, with a single warm colour as a focal point.

Because all of the elements were painted and cut out individually I felt I could experiment more with the pieces and the placement of things, which allowed me to find a layout that fit best for both labels. However, a drawback to cutting things out meant that many of my letters did not come out the same way since they were so small and difficult to cut out.

Karli beer label Mayhos beer label, with a sun setting over a beach