KolCoffee Branding and Packaging

For this project, I created the brand name, kolCOFEE, and designed the logo and packaging to fit all together. My goal was to design a logo and brand that had a modern, fun feeling to it. The designs were kept minimal, neat, and used patterns and colour to differentiate the different flavours while still keeping it all cohesive with the rest of the branding.

KolCoffee bottles
My Process

For a lot of my word mark sketches, I tried to combine serif with sans serif fonts to create some contrast between the two words. I also tried out a few hand written style fonts, although, in the end it didn’t feel as modern or neat. For the logo, I played around with a lot of literal objects relating to iced coffee. I wanted to take a literal concept and turn it into a more abstract, clean form.

I went through several iterations of the logo, with the most obvious changes being to the brand name itself and the tag line. Modifications were made to the kerning and font weight through out the process, and the icon was altered to create more visual interest. The logo has a quite noticeable amount of contrast because of the difference in the font weights, with the first word being much more thin and the second being very bold. This helps to make the brand name stand out, as well as providing contrast between the words so it can be placed close together and still read as separate words.

The final logo, packaging, stationary, and graphic toolkits all work together and create a cohesive brand image through the use of patterns, colour, and typography.

All four labels of KolCoffee