Parks Canada App

The goal of this project was to create an app for Parks Canada, in order to make the campsite booking process more accessible on mobile devices. As a part of the Interactive Design class, there was a large focus on the elements that you could interact with inside the app. Through a brand analysis and UI research, the app was designed with a large focus on users booking campsites.

My Process

Research focused on the existing Parks Canada campsite booking process, which many users found to be challenging. User personas were created to understand the types of users and their needs in the context of the app. This involved the creation of a journey map through which one of the users would take, creating the basis for the app flow. This then led into the initial app sketches.

Low fidelity wireframes were then developed based on the sketches and journey map. This followed the process of signing up for an account and then booking a campsite. Medium fidelity wireframes followed the low-fi ones, with a rough layout of the overall design.

Once in the high fidelity and prototyping phases, the app went through multiple subtle changes in layout and content. The dark green and cream colours related to the earthy tones and outdoors environment in which the app focuses on.

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