Planet Bee Foundation Brand Redesign

As part of a class project, I chose to redesign the Planet Bee Foundation Logo. My goal was to keep it clean and professional looking, while keeping with the theme of protecting bees and educating people about them.

My Process

In my ideation phase, I first looked at the current logo and the main colours used. I then created a mood board based on the current logo and the foundation's goals, using the colours and elements that felt eco-friendly and bee friendly.

I began to develop sketches as well for the new word-mark. My goal was to keep some of the friendly and creative vibes of the old logo but still give it a more neat and modern redesign. I also started to develop the icon to go along with the the word-marks. I felt it was important to connect the idea of the earth and being eco-friendly with the bee imagery, so many of my sketches involved some aspects of both those elements.

I developed three colour palettes and logos in Illustrator, based on the previously mentioned sketches. I chose to go with the third logo as it connected the text together in a rational way. However, looking back, I feel that the first logo was more visually appealing and had a better colour palette, which I think some of these elements could have been applied to the final version of the logo.

Once the logo redesign was finalized, I created a stationary system, website, and brochure to fit in with the rest of the branding.

Planet bee website redesign