WolfRam Web Design Project

I was assigned to create two pages of a website based on the branding and a description of a fictional security company, located in the Edmonton area. This project focused on the users and what they would be looking for in a security company.

My Process

My research looked at the different users that may end up on the website, and how WolfRam could cater to their needs. I also developed two mood boards based on the WolfRam logo and their brand identity. I created two different colour palettes and chose separate fonts for the text that would fit in well with the rest of the brand.

Based on my research, I developed a site map that focused on what users would find on the four main navigation items. From there, I created a wireframe for the home page and about page, and added mobile versions of those pages as well.

The final outcome resulted in two hand-coded web pages, complete with hover states, image carousels, and micro animations. My goal was to keep things minimal, yet create some visual interest with colour and type, which I feel I achieved.